Flip-Discs Canvas

An interactive display made from thousands of magnetic flipping discs. Guests dance, return with friends, and share memories that last.

A Versatile Display

Designed to handle all types of content from videos to our interactive applications.

With modular panels utilizing a 3D camera, your message will come through in a unique and memorable way.

Built for Brands

Unique enough to capture attention, detailed enough to communicate your message.

Stop your audience in their tracks and watch as they interact with your brand.

Close up of the Flip-Discs in action

“Our clients at IBM were extremely pleased with the activation and event attendees were excited, intrigued and amazed by the entire experience. I’d love to work with Luster again!”

Lorea Dandoy, George P. Johnson
IBM InterConnect

Looking for a Permanent Installation?

Flip-Discs is a medium developed by the art studio, BREAKFAST. If you're interested in purchasing a Flip-Discs piece for permanent installation, you can learn more at breakfastny.com.

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