How it works


Take a photo with your phone. From anywhere at the event.

Post & Tag

Post it to Instagram and add the event's hashtag.


Watch as the shared image helps create the larger installation.


Your event, your image.


You provide the image, we provide the magic. Our image processing algorithm examines each tagged image and matches their hue to specified pixels. The final result is stunning.


Events using Luster technology average over 1 million impressions.


Guests are required to post to interact with Luster products. The more your guests post, the more your brand gets shared with…well, everyone.


More than a filter. This is high tech.

Our image processing algorithm examines each tagged image, looking at color, shape, texture, and more. Using a numbered placement system we assign each image to a correspondingly hued pixel to create a final stunning image.

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Turn-key service. All included.


Our on-site team of experts not only set up the mosaic & printers so they work perfectly, but also make sure guests are participating, having fun and finding their printed photos.

Unlimited Printing
There are no limits to how many photos your guests can print and we come fully prepared to keep them flowing throughout your event.


Event Analytics
Our products extend reach and we can prove it. After the event you’ll receive a detailed report on just how many new faces you reached and who did the most sharing at your event.

Embeddable & Shareable Gallery
Why should sharing stop at your event? Every rental includes a custom embeddable and linkable gallery you can link to during and after your event. The best way to show people what they missed.


Set Up & Tear Down
Our professional staff install Luster technology directly onto your display or wall using residue free mounting brackets. They’re strong and mount to nearly any surface.

Image Optimization
We want your Mosaic to look as good as possible so our in-house creative team makes adjustments to the provided image to be sure you get the best result possible. 


Sized to fit your event.

Our Mosaics come in 3 standard sizes but can also be customized to be as big or small as you like.

Small Canvas: 6' x 4'   •   Medium Canvas: 8' x 5.5'   •   Large Canvas: 10' x 5'
Custom sizes also available.


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