Instagram mosaics,
crafted in real-time.

Instaprint Mosaics take all the technology behind Instaprint and pushes it further for a truly unique event experience. By analyzing over 20 aspects of hashtagged Instagram and Twitter photos, a large-scale physical mosaic is created in real time.

Mosaics enhance events while also inspiring people to take more photos. That means more tagged photos and videos with the event's hashtag. When the event is over, Instaprint's software generates an analytics report showing how many people were reached via the event's hashtag.

a sticker at a time.

Every Instaprint Mosaic is created by placing thousands of images by hand onto a large canvas. It's a time-consuming process, but it yields truly extraordinary artwork, which is yours to keep after the event.

a piece of art.

Instaprint Mosaics' software has the unique ability to make incredibly accurate, calculated decisions on a per-image basis, rather than needing to compare thousands of images at once like normal mosaic software. It's this unique ability which allows the product to operate in real time, as each user posts a photo.

Sized to your event.

The scale of a mosaic is determined by length of the event and the amount of images anticipated. This ensures that the mosaic is completed in time and results in the best looking mosaic possible.

Mosaics from past events.

CSX - 2,800 images

Davidoff - 2,800 images

Australian Open - 3,200 images

Acuvue - 2,800 images

Made in America Festival - 3,024 images