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Flip-Disc Display

The most mesmerizing display, now for rent.

flip-disc animating

Physical pixels stop 90% of guests.

The unique look and sounds of these flipping discs are so mesmerizing that we've confirmed a 90% stopping-rate of guests who come within ear-shot of the display. That's an off-the-charts number for any event experience.


First, they dance.
Then the phones come out.

It's an amazing thing to watch, as people realize they’re seeing themselves recreated from thousands of moving discs. The additional experience of HEARING their movements simply bends people's minds. Within seconds, guests begin taking out their phones and sharing the experience across their networks.


Modular panels let you
customize your setup.


Our system is made from 16.8" x 16.8" panels, and they can be assembled in almost any layout.

Luster Flip-Disc Display System

8 x 4
Resolution: 224px x 112px

Luster Flip-Disc Display System

(2) 4 x 4
Resolution: 112px x 112px

Luster Flip-Disc Display System

16 x 2
Resolution: 448px x 56px


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