Instagram-Driven Hashtag Printers, Mosaics, Flip-Disc, and Live Feeds for events.

How it works

luster take instagram


Take a photo
from anywhere at the event.

hashtag image luster instaprint

Post & Tag

Post it to Instagram or Twitter,
add the event's hashtag.



 Watch the images with the most interactions animate & display larger.

Versatile Display Options

The Live Feed can be displayed on almost any screen or device.

Customize Your Feed


Backgrounds & logos

Luster Live Feeds aren't limited to white backgrounds and static logos. Personalize your feed with color, patterns and animations. 


Events using Luster technology average over 1 million impressions.

Guests use your hashtag to engage with Luster products. The more your guests post, the more your brand gets shared with…well, everyone.


Ready to add some Luster to your next event?

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Hashtag Mosaics

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Hashtag Printers

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