Instagram-Driven Hashtag Printers, Mosaics, and Live Feeds for events.

How it works

luster take instagram


Take a photo
from anywhere at the event.

hashtag image luster instaprint

Post & Tag

Post it to Instagram or Twitter,
add the event's hashtag.

hashtag printer luster instaprint


 Watch the images with the most interactions animate & display larger.

Versatile Display Options

The Live Feed can be displayed on almost any screen or device.

Customize Your Feed


Backgrounds & logos

Luster Live Feeds aren't limited to white backgrounds and static logos. Personalize your feed with color, patterns and animations. 


Events using Luster technology average over 1 million impressions.

Guests use your hashtag to engage with Luster products. The more your guests post, the more your brand gets shared with…well, everyone.


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Hashtag Mosaics

Billboard-sized works of art created in real-time.

Hashtag Printers

Powered by your brand’s hashtag.