How do Hashtag Printers work?

Guests use their own smartphones to take photos, then post those photos to their own Instagram accounts. All they need to do to get their printout is include the event's hashtag in the caption.

As long as that person has a public profile, our devices will automatically detect and print out their photo -- and it's ready for pick-up less than a minute after it was posted to Instagram.

How do Hashtag Printers get installed?


A Luster Operator arrives on-site 2 hours in advance to set everything up, and they'll remain on-site throughout the event to support the devices, engage with guests, and encourage people to take photos. To get up and running, we only need 3 basic things: a power outlet, an internet connection, and a flat/sturdy surface that we can adhere the devices to.

Can I rent Hashtag Printers in my city?


Yes. We have a local presence in many different markets, and we engineered the devices to be ultra portable. This means we can bring them as normal checked baggage on airlines, giving us the ability to support events anywhere across the globe.

How much does it cost to rent?


Plans can be scaled up or down to support events both large and small, long or short. Whether it's for a massive concert festival or an intimate wedding, we develop a custom package that is fit for your event. Just submit a request using the rental form, and our sales team will send along more info.

Can I purchase a Hashtag Printer?


Hashtag Printers are only available for rental.